Sep 2018 News

Honeycomb Music artist Kia Stewart signs direct to Superb Songs!

Debuting on Josh Milan’s Honeycomb Music with "He Still Loves Me," Josh Milan’s Honeycomb Music has since released "The Elation EP. With full support from Grammy Award Winner Louie Vega, DJ Joe Claussell and many notable others, Kia’s sound and style has been heating up dancefloors around the world.

Now Kia signs a global publishing deal direct with Superb Songs, welcome Kia!

Global Riot Agency cements publishing administration with Supreme Songs!

Peak summer this year, Global Riot Agency joined the Supreme Songs platform in order to activate their roster of writers and composers publishing rights, further cementing their position within the current electronic music industry.

As an independent company, Global Riot set about shaking up the scene, from the inside out, only a handful of years ago. Although their pedigree and director, Matt Mckillop holds a long lasting heritage within the industry, so it goes without surprise that their impact has continued to imprint alongside many of todays major players.

As diverse digital agency and brand, Global Riot extends across three defining profiles; Management, Marketing and Musicology. All serviced by a professional team with combined knowledge that transcends well beyond three decades of driving underground music forward. This ideology clearly underpins every single activity and project that they support.

For us, it’s always great to see a company that not understands the music machine, but also actively lives and breathes the culture. They are perfectly positioned between the UK and Ibiza forming a large footprint at the forefront, servicing clients worldwide, from Australia to the states and back into Europe. It’s always great to see a client that is well versed in the activity required to turn modern compositions into hit records.

From production, through to promotion Global Riot Agency provides a platform for growth for artists, labels and brands requiring the unique components to make meteoric waves. We collectively see Global Riot continuing to attract attention with a revolutionary template to remould and motivate the music industry.