May 2018 News

Poetess Janine Lyons signs exclusively to Superb Songs!

Brooklyn NY born and raised Janine first performed her self penned poetry in open mic sessions in her home town from 1997 with her first published book arriving 2001.

Fast forward to now and she releases "Epiphany" her debut album on Josh Milan's Honeycomb Music, combining her lyrical talent as a Poetess with Josh's renowned Jazz and contemporary Dance based compositions.

Singles released so far are the latest "Forbidden Dance", and the debut single from the album "I Need to Dance".

Supreme Songs affiliate Superb Songs is extremely pleased to welcome Janine to the roster alongside Josh who has been a published client since 2017.

Indian EDM Superstar NUCLEYA joins our roster!

Single-handedly responsible for defining a sound and building a lexicon of bass music unique to India, Nucleya aka Udyan Sagar is undoubtedly the country’s most popular and influential independent artist.

He started producing music way before he became a DJ, playing around and experimenting with a lot of abstract music at the age of 16 (1995), which is when he formed his first band called ‘Private Soch-alay’. It was renamed Bandish Projekt soon after. NUCLEYA started as a solo project in 2008.

2013 saw the release of his first all original EP ‘Koocha Monster’ which he immediately followed up with ‘Koocha Monster Remix EP’ and cemented his name as the next big thing to happen to Indian electronic dance music. Over the past three years - since the release of his EP Koocha Monster– Nucleya has made his mark as an Indian dance music producer, producing anthems that are the soundtrack of a new Indian generation - frenetic, loud and unabashedly Indian. The Nucleya sound is now a genre in itself and has spawned the rise of producers making desi bass.

As a trailblazer of this movement, Nucleya’s role in developing the genre in India is no less significant than what Skrillex did for dubstep in the United States or how Diplo and Major Lazer introduced global bass into the mainstream. It’s no coincidence then that Nucleya has been chosen to open for international touring acts and bonafide bass stars like Skrillex, Major Lazer, Diplo, DJ Snake and Flux Pavilion in India.