Supreme Songs and Affiliates

Supreme Songs has acted as a leading Independent Music Publisher since 1986 controlling thousands of copyrights on behalf of itself and its clients

What We Do

With experience built up over 30 years , Supreme Songs competes on an equal footing whenever important music industry issues need to be addressed as we consider it important that the voice of Independent Music Publishers is heard as loudly as the major players.

The synergy that evolves from our varied and extensive experience enhances our ability to give copyright owners the services they need, the information they need and answers to the questions they ask. Our intention is always to provide a personal service to clients who do not want to be just one in a million.

Ellis Rich and Andy Bailey have knowledge in all aspects of the music industry – really vital to weave through the myriad multiple income sources that publishers now have to monitor and process,and backed by our UK based team we all share a common vision across all aspects of our business.